International Research Journal of Automotive Technology <p><strong>Maple Tree Journals,</strong> one of the foremost publication is&nbsp;<strong>“International Research Journal of Automotive Technology” (IRJAT) (E ISSN 2581-5865)</strong>&nbsp;is a peer-reviewed, open access journal published in English – language, provides an international forum for the publication. IRJAT is dedicated to publish, clearly written original article in the precinct of automobiles and it is issued regularly once in two months.</p> Maple Tree Journals en-US International Research Journal of Automotive Technology 2581-5865 Automation of Vehicle Door <p>In this paper, we have implemented the concept of automatic sliding door in public transport focusing on the safety of the passengers. The objective is to design a simple, effective and economic automatic sliding door system. Pneumatic cylinders, direction control valves and optical proximity sensor has been used to design the circuit.</p> Shalikha R Nibarkavi N.A Puhazhmathi M Suresh M Copyright (c) 2020 International Research Journal of Automotive Technology 2020-01-30 2020-01-30 3 1 1 5 10.34256/irjat2011 Design and Fabrication of Economic Motorized Wheelchair <p>Wheelchair is the device which is mainly used for physically challenged people. In the earlier day’s wheelchair were existed manually and dependent on other person for the mobility. In case a patient who has challenge in using their hands for mobility, then he/she needs another person help for mobility. In the world of Engineering, the Engineers play a vital role in the development of the society and provide comfort in their lifestyle. With this as primary objective our project had evolved the wheelchair with automatic control.</p> Krishna chandar T Anandha A Durai Pradeep T Karthick B Vinayagam Mohanavel S.P. Anandamurali A Copyright (c) 2019 International Research Journal of Automotive Technology 2019-11-25 2019-11-25 3 1 1 12 Design and Manufacturing of Smart Braking System <p>Now a days, vehicles have been developed a lot and reach its new margin; but yet accidents are mostly occurred by retard of the driver to stomp the brake or by the sloppiness of the driver or over speed or due to unpleasant weather. So our project points to emerge a system which can actuate the braking system automatically with the aid of high profile sensors with relay circuit and some more changes in conventional braking system which can actuate the brake automatically in emergency state. The brain of this entire set-up is Arduino microcontroller. The ultrasonic sensors are the vision of this system and stepper motor utilised for actuation. This system has been composed to depict the technological improvement in further. In future the actual model may be evolved based on its viability.</p> Akash K Chandru A Deepak S Ganesh V Vinayagam Mohanavel S.P. Vigneshvaran R Copyright (c) 2019 International Research Journal of Automotive Technology 2019-11-25 2019-11-25 3 1 13 20 Efficient Vehicle Smoke Tracking Down System using Raspberry-PI in IOT Automation <p>In this modern world, mostly everybody have vehicles. A harmful gas from vehicles causes major pollution issues. In 21st century the awareness about the environmental pollution was developed rapidly among the people. Several techniques like catalatytic converor were developed and implemented to solve this problem. But whether the pollution is reduced or not is a question mark. This system has been developed using smoke sensor controlled by raspberry pi. This system will automatically detects the ppm value of the smoke exhausted and records in the M-parivahan app. Three levels of pollution level are created and executed. Both the owner of a particular vehicle and a stranger can know about the polluting status of that vehicle. At the extreme stage of pollution, fuel flow is cutoff and location is shared to the nearby RTO office. If this technology is employed the parameter of reduction of pollution level can be achieved.</p> Sanjay Balaji M Vengateshwaran M Copyright (c) 2019-09-30 2019-09-30 3 1 1 6 Modelling and Fabrication of Groundnut Separating Machine <p>This project is mainly focused on design and fabrication of groundnut separating machine electrically powered by a 0.5HP motor. Farmers having large harvesting area can afford and use this machine. This separating machine is light-weight, time consume and low in cost. During the process of testing it was observed that majority of groundnuts were been separated without damaging the groundnut. Farmers and business -man start their business with less investment.</p> Bhalavignesh R Arjunan L Arunkumarrao B. S. Arun G Vinayagam Mohanavel S.P. Copyright (c) 2019 International Research Journal of Automotive Technology 2019-09-25 2019-09-25 3 1 1 7 Diesel-Rk Analysis and Experimental Investigation of Single Cylinder Variable Compression Ratio Diesel Engine <p>Direct injection system is a very new approach to increase the performance of Internal Combustion Engine (IC engine). The main objectives of this project are to increase the thermal efficiency, total fuel consumption, etc. A single-cylinder engine was used to study the potential of a high-efficiency combustion concept. Tests were conducted by 100% Diesel at constant speed - 1500 rpm for varying load in Variable Compression Ratio Diesel Engine.</p> Sureshkannan G Velliangiri `M Kalaivanan M Kavin Kumar K Ragul T Copyright (c) 2019 INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH JOURNAL OF AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY 2019-05-30 2019-05-30 3 1 1 6